Tharun Rao - Managing Director

Passionate and pioneering, Tharun Rao, the Managing Director of Quality Group, stands as a testament to the new-age entrepreneur.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at a young age of 20, Tharun believed it was only through taking a unique path that it was possible to make it big in life.

After coming out trumps with his first venture, Tharun started looking for opportunities in various fields of businesses. With a zeal of establishing the firm as one of India’s top organisations, the man soon started striking deals with several kingpins in different industries as Quality Group started expanding its reach.

While a few questioned his aggression in expanding the organisation’s range, Tharun held firm that when the targets set are large, acting slowly would not seal the deal.

From a youngster who beat his competitors to win his first dealership to growing as a leader who can run a multi-faceted organisation, Tharun has come a long way. As a matter of fact, Quality Group’s honcho was also awarded the Young Entrepreneur award by a international magazine "Entreprenuer".

With a clear-cut picture in his head, Tharun marches ahead as his team follows suit in building one of India’s most prominent business firms.


“I am passionate about what I do. I have always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and having been given the chance of being one, I consider myself extremely responsible. Building an organisation that floats on par with the highest standards has always been my dream and, together with my happy family of employees, I am committedly working towards it.”

Ramesh - Group General Manager

A Senior Management professional with rich cross functional experience of 30+ years in India and Middle East, with exposure to diversified industries.

Ganga Prasad - Regional Manager

Gangaprasad comes as a professional who has an experience of serving in the U.S military base.Riding on the back of the exceptional performances in Nizamabad and Nirmal, he has been assigned as the head of our Renault dealerships.

Praneeth - Cluster Manager

Ambitious and spirited, Praneeth currently heads all the textile businesses of Quality Group. Having an association with our organisation right since the early days, he has been one of our most committed assets over the years.

Amithesh Reddy - Associate Manager

Amithesh holds the distinction of being one of the first employees of Quality Group. A go-getter, who holds experience in all our businesses, Mr. Reddy deals with multiple aspects of our trade.

        Srinivas  - Media Manager

Creative and artistic in nature, Mr. Srinivas is the Media Manager of our group. From ideating fresh concepts to strategizing ad campaigns, he takes care of the various aspects involved in the marketing segment.

Mateen Siddiqui - HR Manager

Mr. Siddiqui heads the HR and operations for Quality Group. An immensely committed member of our team, he takes care of each aspect of his department to ensure a smooth functioning of the process.

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